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I - The Problem

We have boards which are 100 to 150 mm wide 20 to 30 mm deep and 500 to 4000 mm high. These boards are transported on a convoy. We have to take them from the convoy and to put them on an inferior level 500mm away and it has to be parallel to the convoy.

Le croquis par ViA sarl

II - The research

It is a simple system. We decide to take the 500-to-4000-mm high boards at one end with a gripping of 500 mm.

III- Systemic analis

Take the boar from conveyor :pneumatic clamp with one gripping action and two liberating actions and also with an action to keep the board balance.

Level changing: grip level "0", high level "+350" , low level"-300". We chose an electric motor to pull it all up.

Movement : pneumatic action.

This system has 5 movements

IV - Mind maping - Sketch

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